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1. Facility for Master of Company, Director Master, Professional Master (CA, CS and Cost Accountant), Professional Firm Master (Firm Details).


1. Appointment/ Cessation and Change in Designation of Director, Creation of Form 32, Increase in Director (Form 24), Appointment of MD (Form 25C).
2. Amendment of Provision (Form 25B)
3. Preparation of E-form for the Disqualification of Director and its Removal (Form DD-B, DD-C)
4. Preparation of Form DIN 1 to 4
5. Import facility with MS-Excel.

Shares/Capital Detail

1. Share Holder Master.
2. Initial subscribers, Share Application, Share Allotment (Form 22B), Share Call, Share Transfer, Return of Allotment (Form 2), Return of Allotment in Consideration (Form 3), Commission Payable (Form 4).
3. Auto calculation of Capital Structure (Paid up) and Equity Share Break up.

Change in Services/Registered Office

1. Change in Name and Status (Form 1A, 1B)
2. Change in Address of Books of Accounts (Form 23AA)
3. Registration as Limited Company (Form 37, 39)
4. Change in registered office of Company (Form 18, 1 AD)

Charge Details

1. Creation and Modification of Charge (Form 8), Statisfaction of Charge (Form 17)
2. Charge Holder Details.

Statutory Register/Reports/Others

1. Register of Member, Register of Director, Directorship in other entity, Director Shareholding
2. Allotment, Shareholder, Share Transfer, Register of Change u/s 143.
3. List of Allotees, Share Application, Share Certificate.
4. Register of contract, Interested Director, Investment, Deposit, Common Seal, Balance Sheet, and Extra Ordinary General Meeting.
5. Auto Preparation of Annual Report
6. MIS Report, Director Companies, Index of Members and etc.

Charge Details

1. Creation and Modification of Charge (Form 8), Statisfaction of Charge (Form 17)
2. Charge Holder Details.

e-Filing Facility

1. Automatic preparation of e-Form 1A, 1, 18, 32, 44. (incorporation)
2. Automatic preparation of e-Form 20B, 21A, 23ACA, 23B, 66 (Annual Return).
3. Automatic preparation of e-Form DIN-3
4. Automatic preptation of DIN-1
5. Facility of both filled and Blank Forms are available.

Extra at Tractions

1. Resolution (346), notice (42) and minutes (33) Specimen with import facility
2. Attachments samples of all forms Preparation of meeting and minutes with passing resolutions
3. MOA and AOA Templates are provided with import facility.
4. Compliance certificate with customization, power of attorney
5. Database Utility is provided for the full and custom Backup/restore of data.
6. Help for Legal points and preparation of e-form
6. User Login facility, Fee Calculator, Label Printing of shareholders.
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