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e-TDS return is a TDS return prepared in form No.24,26 or 27 in electronic media as per prescribed data structure in either a floppy or a CD ROM. The floppy or CD ROM prepared should be accompanied by a signed verification in Form No.27A. The iTDS software is web based, simple to use and helps to make operations easy. It gives the flexibility to access on the move easily. On a plane, at a remote location or in office. You can access 24X7 through internet. iTDS is so designed keeping in mind the most generalized view of the end users. hence, it provides the simplest but still the comprehensive usability options for its users.

Multiple Branches

iTDS lets you distribute TDS processing easily across the organization. Organizations having branch operations and want to presence and want to manage TDS operations from branches, can easily do it.

Advance User Management

iTDS lets you ensure authorized access to users through Perfect User Management Feature. Organizations can easily delegate TDS processing to multiple employees.

Minimum Input, Save Time

iTDS software is designed in the way so that software should not ask you redundant information. Inputs taken once can be easily utilized in various processes thus saves your precious time

Instant Updates & Patches

We are regularly updating the File validation utility provides by the NSDL whenever there is any change in the file validation utility.

Online challan verification

iTDS Software provides the facility to verify the Challan from the NSDL website, that ensures perfection of return.

e- Payment

For e-Payments, you don’t need to navigate separately. iTDS have inbuilt feature that redirects you to authority payment gateways (NSDL) and ensures filled in payment form

Automatic Preparation of e-File

iTDS Software generate the e return as per the file format provided by the NSDL. In addition to this file gets automatically validated through the File validation utility provided by the NSDL.

Statutory compliance

The most essential part of iTDS software is equipped with all statutory forms:
1. Generation of Form TAN Application form 49B/ Correction 49B.
2. Generation of Quarterly Regular return form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ, 27A, 27B Form 24G (Monthly)
3. Generation of SAHAJ

Comprehensive Salary Computation and TDS Calculations

Monthly and Yearly based Salary detail can be entered in iTDS software

Facility of correction statements

iTDS Software has inbuilt facility to prepare the correction statement. User can prepare the N number of correction statement in the single deductor.

Import/ Export through industry standard templates

iTDS is loaded with facility of data import / Export through industry standard formats. It helps to organizations which have voluminous data for return preparation and making in correction statements quickly.
You can easily import data through the following formats:
1. Import of Deductee entry and Challan entry from excel.
2. Import from Text/ FVU / TDS File.

Notification Facility

iTDS has notification facility so that organizations can easily inform to their clients regarding new provisions of the law contain by the notifications. Therefore iTDS provides SMS facility for notifications.

Other attractions

iTDS have several unique features inbuilt that makes the software comprehensive and removes the hassles of errors:

Auto downloads of CSI File from the NSDL Site

Auto Generation of Form No. 27A with control totals Other Features
File Viewer - Facility to view the FVU files as per the format prescribed by the NSDL
Produce reports in multiple formats PDF/Excel/Word.
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